Garlic – Seed Bulbs – Starter Pack

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Garlic – Seed Bulbs – Starter Pack

Seed Garlic – Create your own Small Garlic patch with a mixture of 5 varieties (~5 bulbs included)

This is a great started pack, to give you a range of beautful home grown garlic throught the year.

Each bulb will have somewhere between 6 and 20 cloves to plant, meaning you will get an average of 60 plus plants.

If you have extra, share with freinds and family, or use in you cooking to find your favourites

Garlic – Seed Bulbs – Starter Pack

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm

• Australian White
• Pink Galah (Pink Spanish Creole)
• French Red Creole
• Large Russian Garlic
• Silverskin

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We select large healthy bulbs great to seed and create a mixed box of 5 varieties including:

Australian White, Pink Galah (Pink Spanish Creole), French Red Creole Large Russian Garlic

BONUS: We save some varieties exclusively for seed garlic, this year we are supplying a limited amount of Silverskins that are great for braiding. These are only available in our seed garlic range.

We also supply you with a growing guide including useful hints and tips to give you the best chance to grow your own awesome garlic.

We plant, weed and harvest our garlic by hand. This takes extra human labour, and supports other peoples livelihoods that help us on our farm. We grow our garlic organically, using SA Composters Certified Organic Compost, Organic fertilizer, and organic liquid fertilizers.

We weed our garlic by hand, usually every 1-2 weeks from planting time (April/May) to harvest time (November/December). We rotate where we plant our garlic in a different patch each year and plant other crops such as flowers, brassicas and green manures when we are not growing garlic in those beds. We have a movable chicken system that we put over the areas before we plant the garlic to help weed and fertilise the beds.

We save our own seed, and it gets better each year adapting to our environment and systems. We have seen the soil improve hugely in soil life, structure and water holding capacity over the 5 years we have been growing here @Cockatoo Creek Farm, and look forward to seeing it improve further.

You will taste the difference.

Early Harvest:

Australian Red (SOLD OUT)

Purple tinged skin, large cloves, easy to peel, medium strength, great flavour. We sauté it, rub it on our toast and use it in salad dressings and fresh pesto-like dips.

Available from December onward.

Australian White (Artichoke Garlic)

Large white cloves on the outside and smaller on the inside. Medium strength, good storage for up to 6 months. We put it through our garlic crusher strait into stews, soups and curries or use it fresh on garlic bread.

Available from December onward.

Late Harvest / Long Storage:

Pink Galah (Pink Spanish Creole)

Stunning looking garlic having white shiny skin on the outer bulb and then a vibrant pink skin on the cloves within. Strong complex flavour with a spicy kick. This beauty has smaller cloves but stores for up to 12 months when kept out of direct sunlight. This is our top pick if you love a strong and complex garlic flavour. Fantastic for stir fry, sauté, pasta, fresh dips and rubbed on toast with a drizzle of our olive oil and fresh tomatoes.

Available from January 2nd onward.

French Red Creole

Red skin, full flavoured garlic with a rich creamy flavour. The cloves are smaller than some of our other varieties, but it makes up for it with long storage life of up to 12 months. We use this as an all rounder but particularly with meals that have a creamy base.

Available from January 2nd onward.

Large Russian Garlic

Giant garlic, massive cloves, easy peel, mild flavour. Great for those who like a mild garlic flavour and don’t like peeling smaller garlic cloves. Officially a leek. We use it as you would any garlic/ onions/leeks. Good storage.

Very Strong grower, and a large plant. Great for beginer growers. Chris started on this variety 20 years ago!

Available from January 2nd onward.

Important info about the pick up location:

Willunga Market
Willunga High School, Main Rd
Willunga SA 5172

Visit for more information about the market.

Shipping important information:

Dry goods (oil, garlic) 2-3 working days shipping time.

Meat boxes (or refrigerated goods) will be delivered the Friday or Saturday of our market trading dates.

Pick-up Dates:

Saturday, from 8am 'till 12 noon, on our  trading dates below:



Pre-order for Christmas by the date below:

7th December


New year break

4th January

1st February

1st March

*Please Note:

You can pick up and buy Garlic and Olive Oil as usual.

Make sure to let us know if you have to postpone or cancel your pick-up date as soon as possible.


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We are grateful to live and farm on Kaurna country, knowing sovereignty has never been ceded.

We recognise Aboriginal peoples as the original regenerative custodians of country.

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