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What do we do?

We produce grass fed Lamb and Beef naturally raised on mixed diverse pastures. Our regenerative land management practises of moving animals through mob grazing followed by maximum rest periods, all help to improve our pastures, build living soil and increase the nutrition for our animals.

In doing so we aim to provide nutrient dense and delicious lamb and beef for you!

Olive Oil

Our established Olive Grove of 250 trees is naturally managed with no chemical inputs, watered by rainfall only, and is made up of three main varieties chosen specifically for quality oil.

Our fruit is hand-picked and cold pressed within 48 hours for maximum flavour and nutrition.

The result: exceptional quality and flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil!


We grow five main garlic varieties of various colours and sizes, some are early maturing and others have been chosen for their long storage properties.

Each variety has its own unique exceptional flavour. All of our garlic is grown naturally using ecological farming methods.

‘Together, our Lamb, Beef, Olive Oil and Garlic make a fantastically delicious combination!’

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Acknowledgement Of Country


We are grateful to live and farm on Kaurna country, knowing sovereignty has never been ceded.

We recognise Aboriginal peoples as the original regenerative custodians of country.

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