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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA offers a much needed alternative to the conventional food system by cutting out the middle sections of a food supply chain and providing a direct relationship between farmer and eater.

A CSA is more than a box scheme, it is a commitment to building resilient local food systems by directly supporting a family farm business and investing in where your food comes from. It puts a face behind the food you eat AND of course provides members (that’s you) access to exceptional quality lovingly grown local produce!

When you join a CSA you commit to purchasing a share in the seasons harvest of the produce on offer. Some CSA farms have produce available all year and others have select seasons/part of the year in which they can provide you with food. In our case we produce grass-fed lamb and beef, cold pressed olive oil and premium garlic – winner combo – with CSA Boxes available over the spring and summer seasons.

Bridgett and Chris on their land
Bridgett and Chris on their land

How Cockatoo Creek Farm’s CSA works:

By Joining our CSA you are supporting our family farm in Yankalilla, South Australia. In return for your support we provide you with nutritious and ecologically produced food, as well as opportunities to connect and visit us at our farm to learn how your food is grown.

Why join our CSA?

As regenerative food producers we put the health of the land, animals and eaters first. We value being able to supply eaters directly, providing us with valuable feedback and appreciation for the work we do and our regenerative farming approach. By joining our CSA you develop a direct relationship with the farmers (that’s us) that grows your food. We would love to welcome you to our CSA!

Our Produce:


Our family farm is located on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in Yankalilla South Australia. We produce pasture raised Lamb, mixed varieties of garlic, and Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, all grown using regenerative and ecological farming practices.

“We take a big picture approach, striving to produce delicious nutrient rich food for you, while also regenerating our farms soil and ecosystems in the process”

— Bridgett & Chris Day

CSA Share options



*Additional Olive Oil and Garlic can be added to your order

LAMB & BEEF cut up options:

You can select these cuts for "Medium" and "Family" Lamb box sizes only

"Taste the Farm", "Small Lamb Only" and Beef boxes will be a crafted selection of mixed cuts


Back Leg Roasts

Halved - Bone in x 2

Forequarter Chops

Frenched Rack


Loin chops


Lamb Bacon

Bones - small bag


Back Leg Roasts

Halved - Bone in x 1

Back Leg- half- Leg chops, rump steaks

Forequarter Chops

Lamb Cutlets

Loin chops


Lamb Bacon


Bones - small bag


Back Leg Roasts

Halved - Bone in x 2

Shoulder Roast - bone in

Frenched Rack


Loin chops


Lamb Bacon

Bones - small bag


A selection of premium and lower cost cuts, from both the hind and forequarter.

Steaks: e.g. Portahouse, Rump, Scotch Fillet

Gluten Free Sausages


Diced Beef

Roasts: e.g. Silverside, Rolled, Bolar, Round, Topside

Slow cook: e.g. Brisket, Ribs, Ossobuco


Note: this is an indication of what will be in your pack, contents may change slightly due to weights

WHEN and HOW you'll receive your CSA box?


How will my CSA Box arrive?

In a box with fresh meat cryovac packed into two person portions.

How much freezer space is needed for 10kg of Lamb?

Approximately a carton of beer cans/5 loaves of bread. 20kg takes up approximately a carton of beer bottles/10 loaves of bread.

How long does it last in the freezer?

Approx. 6 months, however plenty of people keep it for longer, that’s up to your discretion.

Can I order extra?

You can order extra garlic and oil on top of the amount allocated in your chosen CSA box. If you want more lamb or beef you will need to choose a bigger box or purchase 2 boxes over differnt dates.

When you get it?

Our season begins in November through to February. You can select when you would like to recieve your CSA box when you login and order through our online shop.

If you order the Family Box you can opt to receive half your box at the beginning of the season and the other half of your share towards the end of the season.

The Small Box and the Taste The Farm Box  (5kg) is only available as one pick up/delivery date, and is a mix of our crafted selection of cuts.

How you get it?

You can either get your CSA box delivered, or collect it from us on one of our trading dates at the Willunga Farmers Market between 8am and 12 Saturdays.

When you place your order you can select which date you would prefer to recieve your box of produce.

We offer delivery for an additional fee to most of the South and metro Adealide.

Who will you pick up from?

You will pick up your box of produce directly from Chris and Bridgett at their Farmers Market stall.

It is important we have as much contact with our subscribers as possible, we love to have a chat, hear your feedback and see you happily walk off with a box of our produce! (or we can wheel your box on a sack truck to your car :).

Payment Options.

  • Pay in full at the beginning of the season and receive a 5 per cent discount on your order
  • We require payment in full ideally 14 days before your selected pick up date. Get in touch if it isoutside these dates and we will see what we can do.

How and when to Pay?

It’s simple, once you create your account by set up your login, you will become a CSA memeber. From here you can select what produce you would like to order, choose when you would like to receive it, and pay online by credit card or bank transfer.

Payment for your CSA box is due 2 weeks prior to you receiving your order.

If you order a family box (20kg) and would like to receive this in two 10kg amounts spread over the season please select your first date at check out, and write your second date in the order notes.

How to sign up for a CSA Box?

You need to create an account to order our produce online. You will head to the shop, then click on the product you would like, then grey coloum on the right hand side of the page you see the login buttton. Hit this login buton and register/create an account by entering your email address. Then when you are ready to proceed with your order, your will enter your name, deliver address etc. Choose pick up or delivery. Pay. Then await your delicous produce from our farm to your table 🙂

Q&A from customers

Some questions from our customers and interested people:

"What can I do with unusual items, like lamb bacon?

We use lamb bacon in meals that you would use pig bacon. We cook it up in the strips and serve with eggs and toast. We chop it up and cook in a minestrone, and we fry it up and chop into cubes and stir through omelette and salads.

"Can I get a lamb and beef box with no garlic or oil?

Yes you can – we have a small box on either just lamb or just beef available. Please contact us if there is something specific you are wanting and we will see if we can meet your request.

“Are the lambs and beef grass-fed and grass-finished, or given supplementary feed?

Our lambs and cattle eat pasture, that’s it! We don’t feed out with grain. In dry times or when added nutrition is needed we give them the option of pasture hay. In mid winter we give them access to straw to help prevent the runs.

“Do you use any herbicides or pesticides in your production processes?"

We do not use pesticides or herbicides in our production processes. Part of our ethos is to let nature take its course whenever possible, and learn from the changes in plants, bugs, animals, friend or foe, they will balance out in time.


‘We have a family of 6, will I have enough portions for six people? What cuts will I receive?"

For things such as steaks and loin chops you may want to use two packs as we pack for 2-4 person portions. For roasts and stewing cuts you will generally have enough per pack to serve 6 people. You can put a note with your order and we can aim to give you larger portions where possible. The cuts you get are listed on our shop page when you click into each product item but will always include a mix of cuts from the whole animal.


"How can I access your products throughout the year"

We supply our meat seasonally from November-February through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Box Memberships available from our online shop, and from us at our Willunga Farmers Market stall (dates listed on our website). The reason we don’t have lamb or beef all year round is due to the way choose to manage the land and stock, we reduce our stock numbers over summer and only lamb once a year.

Our garlic and olive oil are available most of the year. You can buy this from us at our Willunga Farmers Market stall, or via our online shop most of the time.


“Is your meat Organic as close as possible to being organic?”

We are not certified organic. However, we go beyond organics in our production systems by not just refraining from using synthetic inputs but actively working to regenerate ecosystem processes through our land/animal management and through inputs of microbial and nutrient brews. The soil and pasture is improving notably each year. Our water systems are improving. Our biodiversity is improving.

“Do you use mrna vaccines?”

We do not use mrna vaccines. As far as we are aware they are not approved or being used in Australia for livestock. Here is some information we found on this:


Anything else you would like to know, we are happy to chat 😊



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Regenerative. Ethical. Delicious. Nutritious

We aim to produce awesome food that helps heal both our bodies and the landscape

Come and meet us.

We are at the Willunga Farmers Market,
on Saturdays 8am-12pm on the dates listed below:

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Acknowledgement Of Country


We are grateful to live and farm on Kaurna country, knowing sovereignty has never been ceded.

We recognise Aboriginal peoples as the original regenerative custodians of country.


Fleurieu Peninsula,
South Australia.

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